Agriculture, Conveying, Food, Industrial, Ventilation


Heating and ventilation systems, for suction arms, abrasion resistance.


Highly flexible polyurethane hose reinforced with copper plated steel wire. Excellent resistance to internal and external abrasion over a wide temperature range. Ester Polyurethane Highly flexible hose, small bending radius Compacted up to 75% of is length. Resistance to solvents and oxidation oil and fuel. (table PU)

Standard Colors:

Transparent to enable visual control of the process


Tolerance: ISO 1307 EC food contact (EU) 10/2011 ,/ 174/2015 RoHS, Reach Standard Abrasion resistance according to: DIN 53516 Flame-retardant UL 94 HB

Temperatures Range:

-40°C < Temp <90°C

Polyurethane HD
Polyurethane HD01


sizes are available upon request.