Agriculture, Conveying, Food, Industrial, Ventilation


Vacuum Hose is great with all brands of milking equipment. Raw milk transport lines. Dairy processing. Supply air transport and provides an easy fluid flow within the milking process.


Very Flexible PVC tubing High clarity tubing Maximum resistance to clogs and kinks Durability for long and reliable service Material approved for food contact according to European standard UV- protections added DOP Free DEHP Free FHTHALATE Free

Standard Colors:

Transparent (available with colored striping)


Tolerance: ISO 1307 RoHS, Reach Standard EC food contact (EU) 10/2011 of 4 January 2011 (EU) 2015/174 5 February 2015

Temperatures Range:

-10°C < Temp <60°C

uniflex, soft  air tubes, milk hoses
uniflex, milk hoses, vakuum air tube